Taking your hand in environmental and OHS matters - protecting you from unnecessary consequences.

Jbenviroservices Pty Ltd exists to see that our clients stays compliant with Environmental and OHS matters. Our goal is to handle these often cumbersome processes on your behalf and give you the peace of mind

Environmental services

Is your company up to date with it's compliance with the ever-changing demands of environmental legislation?

As a busy running concern faced with the challenges of staying afloat in these trying times, can you afford to appoint staff dedicated to these compliance matters?

Let us take care of these issues for you, keeping your business compliant and safe from unnecessary prosecution and fines. We are providing the necessary services to ensure that your company is authorized under the National Environmental Management Act and Regulations whether it is an EIA/BA/24G/Waste license, air emission license, water use license applications, and many more. We also continue serving our clients by designing a tailor made environmental management program based on the  ISO 14001, international standard for environmental management systems, keeping our clients compliant through out the year 

Occupational health and safety

Can you afford it to pay expensive Injury-on-duty and subsequent legal claims? Can you spare the manpower to deal with unions with injuries caused by non-compliance?

Health and safety matters are increasingly becoming centre-stage in the labour market.

We use the highest international standards, specialising in ISO 45001 standard in occupational health and safety management systems.

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